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ProfitPlus Control Upgrade Kit with “Extra Sanitize”

The ProfitPlus® Control upgrade kit with “Extra Sanitize” is immediately available for use on vended Continental washer-extractors manufactured after 2009. In addition to “extra” cycle options including Extra Wash and Extra Spin, the upgrade kit showcases a new “Extra Sanitize” option that allows storeowners to easily add functionality for sanitization — with sanitizing chemicals or ozone — and to monetize that cycle selection.

For the first time, the ProfitPlus Control upgrade kit with “Extra Sanitize” makes it easy to interface with, and monetize, new and emerging laundry sanitization practices that are in demand by consumers. In doing so, whenever a customer selects the “Sanitize” option, an owner-specified cost is added to overall vend price. Thanks to the ProfitPlus Control upgrade kit with “Extra Sanitize,” owners can set their laundries apart from the competition, comply with rigorous cleaning and health guidelines, ensure the safety of employees and customers, and maximize revenue and customer retention. The affordable kit, which takes 15 minutes to install per washer, includes a firmware download, new overlay with “Sanitize” option, and clear installation and programming instructions.

Steps for integrating the new control kit are simple, both for laundries already using sanitizing ozone storewide; laundries using automatic chemical injection systems; and for those interested in sanitization of laundry options:

Step 1: Contact your Continental equipment distributor to order the upgrade kit. They will assist you with questions and installation, if needed.

Step 2: Add the ProfitPlus upgrade kit to washers with a simple overlay, firmware install and reprogramming.

Step 3: Configure the control to add a dosing signal for sanitizing chemical or sanitizing ozone injection. You’ll need to add a sanitizing chemical or ozone to each washer if you don’t already have it. If you already have storewide ozone, we suggest increasing the ozone exposure/cycle time and or rotation action when the “Sanitize” option is selected. This immediately monetizes the “Sanitize” feature.

Or Step 4: You can opt to add a third water inlet for pre-ozonated water.