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New Express Clean™ Auto Injection for Vended Laundries

October 2019

Chemical injection

The new Continental Girbau Express Clean™ automatic injection system works by automatically dispensing specially formulated detergents, brighteners and softeners into compatible vended washers to produce excellent, consistent cleaning results in less time.

A new revenue generator for vended laundry owners, Express Clean works seamlessly and automatically with any washers featuring automatic chemical injection capabilities — and of course — all Continental vended washers. In doing so, it eliminates the hassles associated with manually lugging and loading detergents. In turn, customers enjoy high-quality wash results in less time with less hassle and improved customer turnover.

“Laundry owners love Express Clean because it makes their stores unique within a competitive marketplace,” said Girbau North America (GNA) Vice President of Sales Joel Jorgensen. “The system is easily connected to washers and requires very little maintenance. It’s especially convenient when used with large-capacity machines, adding customer convenience and store owner speed and profitability; a true win-win for all.”

Encased in a clear plexiglass box with LED lighting signals that coordinate with product pump activation, Express Clean consists of a trio of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in easy-to-handle, gallon-sized containers. They include Express Suds™, a sudsing detergent that lifts stains and leaves clothes fresh and clean; Express Bright™, a color-safe booster that brightens laundry and eliminates odors; and Express Soft™, a high-fragrance fabric softener that fights static and leaves clothes soft and fluffy. All three are safe to use on any fabric type.

Offering simple installation, Express Clean is available as a single-washer delivery system or optional dual-washer delivery system — accommodating machines installed back-to-back on a bulkhead with a single Express Clean box.

Engineered for years of constant use, Express Clean offers a commercial-grade delivery box, patented no-spill dispensing system, dependable Brightwell pumps, and long-lasting multi-colored LED lighting. Laundry attendants simply replace gallon containers as needed. Contact CG West or call 866-950-2449 to find out more.

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